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Laura Steward

Living an amazing life is not about finding the right answer, but instead happens when we learn how to ask the right questions, and Laura Steward intuitively knows the right questions to ask. From the wisdom she learned at her mother’s side to the insight she gained baking pies with her Grandmother, Laura has developed an innate ability to ask the questions that propel business leaders and entrepreneurs to incredible achievements.

Laura operates from a simple philosophy – “Treat people better than they expect to be treated”, and it is from this belief that she was able to carve her niche and stand out in the highly competitive IT field, building Guardian Angel Computer Services from a sole employee business into a leading provider of Managed Technical Services.

An avid reader, Laura's understanding that questions control the outcome began at the age of six, when Laura watched her Mother question school policy, creating change and allowing Laura to immediately begin learning to read. Throughout her life, Laura questioned the decisions she made along with the decisions made by others. Based on the answers she received Laura was able to build, and fifteen years later sell, her highly successful IT business before starting Wisdom Learned, LLC, a company dedicated to educating leaders based on experience and wisdom learned in the trenches.

Laura is a sought after speaker, Nautilus Award winning and international bestselling author, business advisor, confidant and friend. She is the author of the Bestselling Book “What Would a Wise Woman Do? Questions to Ask Along the Way” which has remained on the Amazon Woman In Business bestseller list for over 90 weeks. Through her weekly Radio Show, Entrepreneur Master Class, keynote speeches, books, seminars, training and one-one sessions, Laura's mission is clear - help people get off autopilot and create amazing, successful lives.

Today, along with inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders, Laura finds joy spending time with friends and family, cruising around in her convertible, walking along the beach or simply looking at clouds and figuring out what they look like. But no matter what she does, Laura always makes sure to ask questions along the way.

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