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As a business performance strategist and consultant, I’ve worked with companies from start-ups to the Fortune 100 and from non-profits to individuals. If you are looking for someone to have your back, with the expertise to quickly get to the heart of your issues, see solutions and move your forward on your path, then I would love to work with you.

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There are three things that make me a valuable strategic thinking partner for you:

  • I founded and ran a successful multi-state company prior to selling it. I learned by doing.
  • I've had extensive day-to-day business experience with a range of companies from start-ups to the Fortune 100 and interviewed even more on my broadcast radio show..
  • My clients call me the Queen of Connections because of my extensive network. Sometimes it is who you know that can get you a step further towards your goal and I will connect you.

"Laura is all about opening minds, challenging the status quo, delivering value and driving results.  Whether from the stage, online, or one on one, she is an inspiring professional who is passionate and dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact on others.  Her style of blending clarity, compassion and wisdom made it a true pleasure working with her."

Joe McCloskey
Accelerated Performance Coach and Trainer


Speaking Engagements

Laura has spoken for clients from Fortune 10 companies to women’s groups and high-tech conferences to small businesses and their clients. Each presentation is customized to your needs to achieve your business goals.

Via in-person keynotes and workshops or live-streamed interactive keynote webinars, Laura is there to help your audience experience transformation in their thinking. As an iHeart radio host and an award-winning #1 International bestselling author, Laura brings new perspectives to your events.

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Podcast / Radio Show Sponsor

Everyone has a nugget to share, they just need the right questions to draw it out.

Don’t just stand up and read a canned speech at your next event, corporate, retreat, shareholder’s meeting or industry meeting. Be interviewed by an iHeart radio host and Nautilus Award Winning #1 International bestselling author.

If you want to make a great impression I am available to conduct 1-1 audio and/or video interviews for your website, media page, YouTube channels and more. If you are hosting a live event, I can do a Fireside style chat with the corporate CEO, celebrity, event host or more.


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Consulting Services

It’s hard to see the picture when you are in the frame and even harder to know your next best right move. I know from founding and selling my first company that having an outside perspective is critical to achieving success. Failure occurs when you cannot see a way forward.

I developed my 100 day mentoring program and Question Mastery Masterminds to help you see and achieve not only your next step but more importantly your ultimate goal.

Known by my clients as the Queen of Questions and the Queen of Connections, I help you define your objectives, lay out your plan of action and connect you to the people and resources to enable you to achieve them.

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