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What Would A Wise Woman Do?

Questions to ask along the way.

Whether stuck on autopilot or totally off course, What Would a Wise Woman Do? provides a roadmap for today’s woman back to a more authentic and joyful life. Laura Steward had it all - a great career, ambitious goals, and loving family - when she realized she was off course.  By digging deeper, she discovered she hadn’t been asking herself the right questions - and as a result, had been living the wrong answers.

By revealing her riveting and candid story - including mistakes she made along the way - Steward provides practical lessons on how to be a more wise and fulfilled woman by asking the right key questions in career, family, relationships, spiritual life, finances, and more.

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What Would a Wise Woman Do? Questions to Ask Along the Way is a #1 international bestseller and a Nautilus Award winning book. It continues to hit bestsellers lists around the world and is available at your favorite bookseller today!  You can download free sample chapters by adding your name and email below:

Decisive Women

Decisive Women: Designing Decisions in 5 Minutes or Less

The everyday-influential women contributing to this book reveal their commitment to the benefits, action, results, and service needed to triumph over life’s challenges. They exemplify the alignment of beliefs and desires of their heart that positively affect themselves, their loved ones and countless others.

Unique and personal stories about relationships, illness, truth, pets, and living life to the fullest are shared by the women authors from various backgrounds including entrepreneurs, parents, experts of all kinds and everyday-influential Decisive Women like you.

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The Mentor That Matters: Stories of Transformational Teachers, Role Models and Heroes, Volume 1

In every life, there is at least one “mentor that matters”: a person whose insights spark change and whose influence endures. It might be an educator whose knowledge ignites new passion. A family member whose wisdom steers us away from irreparable mistakes or encourages our boldest dreams. An expert whose training spurs us to do more than we could have imagined. A leader who elicits strength or courage. A friend who sees and encourages our hidden gifts.

In a series of brief and richly thought-provoking essays written by both recognized “names” and extraordinary ordinary Americans, THE MENTOR THAT MATTERS: STORIES OF TRANSFORMATIONAL TEACHERS, ROLE MODELS AND HEROES shares the perspectives of forty unique individuals as each speaks about one person who unforgettably changed their lives.

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The Mentor That Matters

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