036: Mary Riesberg – Hula Hoops, Life and Holding Yourself Up

In It's All About The Questions by Laura

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What does a Hula Hoop have to do with the inner you? More than you can imagine. Picture this: You are a child playing with a hula hoop. Learning to spin it around and around without it dropping. As you are learning, it falls to the ground. You learn that you must be fully present in the motion of the hoop around your body in order to keep it spinning so it does not fall to the ground. While it is spinning your mind quiets, your joy expands and time passes quicker than you ever thought possible.

Now imagine all your responsibilities. Got them? Put them inside your hula hoop. Can you keep it spinning easily? No? Now bring some support to the hula hoop as it starts to fall from the weight. Better?

My guest today talks to us about how you can create your own personal hula hoop support system to find balance, create momentum and create a relationship with your faith.

Mary Riesberg headshot Mary Riesberg is a communication skills expert, professional speaker, author, John Maxwell Certified Leadership Trainer, and Human Behaviors Specialist.  She works with individuals to empower them to connect, develop, and grow into the unique individual God has created them to be.  She has over 26 years of experience transforming beginners/professional speakers, radio and news personalities, government officials and singers to become a Total Impact Speaker.  A few of Mary associations include Chick-fil-A, American Society of Training and Development, and American Women’s Association.  She is a Certified Christian Life Coach.

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