043: RUKE – Design Your Destiny

In It's All About The Questions by Laura

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How do you turn your vision of entrepreneurial success into reality while making sure your family life doesn’t fall apart? Is it even possible? You can have it all. At least that is what we keep being told but is that really possible? According to my guest, Daniel T. Ruke, more commonly known as RUKE, it is but it requires planning, communication and clarity on what you want to achieve, what it will take to achieve it and agreement on specifics that may have to be alternated by everyone directly or indirectly involved.

Taking lessons he learned building multiple successful brands of his own and helping other corporations like Disney, Marvel and Chico’s make their brands even more effective, Ruke has developed an online program that includes an Entrepreneurial Commitment Contract.  He is graciously giving it free to all of you, my listeners!

On this episode of It’s All About the Questions, Ruke shares four questions you can ask yourself and one you can ask others to help you unlock and design your destiny so that you and your brand is not only seen but felt.

Ruke headshot In 1993, RUKE opened RUKE Illustrations (www.RUKE.com). He focused on themed and branded spaces. When most artists didn’t want to touch a computer, RUKE embraced it. Not only was he able to do hand painted murals, but the use of technology enabled him to contribute to the overall design and theme of entertainment venues and destinations.

Understanding that “Brands are felt, not read”, RUKE expanded his illustration company in 1998 into blink, a non-traditional creative agency (www.blinkStyle.com). The atmosphere offers employees the artistic freedom to create revolutionary work while making clients successful.

RUKE has always looked for the client’s uniqueness in branding, product image and sales cycles, all of which separate the client from their competition. This was a major shift in his career. He was now able to represent projects and companies from an advertising and marketing capacity, as well as contribute to the creative and the development of their products and services. His drive and passion keep blink on the forefront of art and communication.

In 2010, RUKE combined all of his experience and talents to create Game Nation, the world’s first Experiential Video Game Theme Park and Resort (www.GameNationParks.com). With total immersion and complete interactivity, Game Nation merges video game mechanics with physical themed attractions, creating some of the most unreal experiences gamers have ever had.

RUKE prides himself in creating cultural brands. Being a keen observer of not only audience demographics, but more importantly, their psychographics and socialgraphics, he connects brands to their customers’ world. He’s had the honor of contributing to the success of hundreds of Brands, Products and Companies.  www.blinklessons.com


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