045: Sue Graves – Healing Lives One Curious Moment After Another

In It's All About The Questions by Laura

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Are you connected with what is happening in your internal vs external world? Want to learn how to heal your life? Wonder how come you cannot seem to get well or the same patterns keep repeating themselves. Tried it all?

My guest today has traveled the world and has lived a life filled with curiosity. She quickly realized how each step on her journey added a new tool in her toolbox that enables her to help those in need of healing. From a career as an RN to a 30 year career as a complementary and alternative healer, my guest believes being aware of the inner you allows transformation to happen and healing to begin. Learn how curiosity led my guest to an amazing life that I believe saved mine a few times over when I was unable to find out what was wrong and I was told, “you are sick because you are depressed because you are not with a man.”

Sue Graves headshot  Sue is a Holistic Nurse Clinician with more than 30 years experience in the study and use of complementary therapies. Prior to her work in the alternative fields, she taught nursing at several colleges. She has done clinical research, worked in several hospital settings, lectured and trained Doctors, globally, in the use of complementary therapies.

She is a certified Trainer and Practitioner of Meridian Stress Assessment and uses the technology in her practice. This specialized protocol involves a non-invasive computerized system taking impedance measurements on acupuncture points. These tests determine where the body may be out-of-balance, or indicate food or environmental sensitivities. She then uses homeopathics, nutritional supplements, herbs and lifestyle modification, to restore balance and achieve optimal health.

She started her life-long passion for other cultures and their healing modalities when she was sent around the world by a local youth organization at the age of 19. Sent to share American ideas, she found herself learning more than she had anticipated. She visited leprosy clinics in India, crossed Check-Point Charlie in Berlin and met monks at temples in Japan. On this trip, she saw alternative therapies in action for the first time, which sparked her desire to build a career in Western and Alternative Medicine. In 1999, Sue was asked to present a case study to The White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Therapies.

She is a founding member of the Trauma Imaging Foundation, a non-profit multi-specialty Physician group dedicated to the accurate diagnosis and treatment of brain and spinal trauma. She is active in their current research of Advanced Trauma Diagnostics, utilizing novel upright MRI protocols. In addition, she has been a Representative for a UN Non-Governmental Org where she has participated and worked on projects around the world.

Sue has a practice in Fairfield, Connecticut and sees patients by private appointment in her office or via remote consult. https://www.facebook.com/suegravesandco/  203-254-2184

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