066 – Lisa Cumming – Lead Through Strengths

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Leading through strengths is not about leading with an iron fist. It is about leading and living your life using your strongest talents and understanding which talents are not in your sweet spot. Those lesser talents are by no means weaknesses. They are just talents that you have that are not your strongest ones. Subtle difference in language. Massive difference in internal perception. So instead of focusing on weaknesses and trying to grow them stronger, you recognize you have lesser talents and say to yourself, that’s ok, There are others I can bring to the table that have those and their top talents!

That is just a piece of the conversation between Lisa Cummings and myself. Have you discovered your strengths yet? Lisa shares how you can find them out and use them.

lisa-cummings-headshotLisa Cummings Lisa has delivered events to over 9,000 participants in 14 countries. You can see her featured in places like Harvard Business Publishing, Training Magazine, and Forbes. She’s the CEO of a company called Lead Through Strengths. When she’s not out spotting strengths in people, you find her playing drums, rescuing dogs, or making artsy things with a welder.

I want to apologize for the audio. The radio station had an issue with saving the live broadcast to recording but thanks to my guests, Lisa Cummings who happened to record it from her end, we have one! My voice is lower than usual but Lisa’s comes through loud and clear!
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