118: Ryan Lee – Lifestyle Business is NOT a Dirty Word!

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Can you have it all? Can you have the money you need and want and not work 80+ hours/week? Is it OK to want money? Which comes first: the life you want to live or the business?

My guest started out helping severely disabled children at a rehab hospital, taught physical education at an inner city school and created one of the first fitness membership sites. He then went on to have a supplement company with a big office, lots of staff a 7+ figure income an health crisis and almost a divorce.

Now he has a beautiful home, great marriage, four kids and a business that gives him family time and a multi-million dollar income. His goal is to be done working by 3pm so the rest of the day is with his family.

What is amazing about Ryan Lee is he is continually morphing how he does business. He is clear about his clients and clear about himself. Known as a master of continuity revenue and membership sites, he recently turned his Freedym University into an all-continuity all-the time membership site. Think Netflix meets business education!

Ryan shares on this episode why it is important NOT to get emotionally attached to your business or idea, the one question that started his quest to change his life and business and how what he does every day to make sure he is still aligned with his goals.

 Ryan Lee loves talking about himself in 3rd person.

He created his first web site back in 1999 to promote his part-time personal training business (he still had a full-time job at a Children’s Rehab hospital). But things really took off when he turned that simple site into a paid membership program.

Since then, he’s created over FIFTY different recurring revenue programs in multiple markets. Everything from membership sites and paid newsletters to subscription boxes, software and consumables.

You might have seen him featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal or as a contributor to Entrepreneur. Or, perhaps, you read one of his books.

But what Ryan is most proud of is his ability to build businesses around his “lifestyle”. He is always done by 3pm so he can spend unlimited time with his wife and four children.

Now, Ryan has taken all his resources. Tapped into his deep network. And created the most complete training resource for anyone looking to turn their ideas into “continuity” income.


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