120: Dixie Gillaspie – Questions to Challenge Assumptions

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Are you asking questions that challenge your assumptions to evolve? When a question opens a path, are you willing to explore where it leads? How do you know your assumptions are true, or false, if you don’t know they are assumptions?

Our brains are wired for quick decisions but where does the brain kick in versus the mind? My guest says that “when the function of the brain and the function of the soul overlap” that is the mind. Want to understand why and how that concept plays into your life and your business?

Then listen to this episode with the completely original firestarter that is Dixie Gillaspie. From the first moment I met her I knew that life when Dixie is part of it would not be dull and that assumptions and perceptions would be challenged. Whether you get to know her personally or via this episode and her books, keynotes, courses and social media, I promise you will be asking better questions. If you are willing to challenge your own assumptions!

Dixie Gillaspie is a coach, consultant, firestarter, and coffee fanatic. She serves as an advisor and guide for business owners and leaders who are ready to step into the full power of their gifts to get what they want in life and business.

After working as a business analyst and consultant for a nationwide consulting firm, Dixie founded her own business in 1998 and has been helping people achieve their “impossibles” ever since. In coaching founders and leaders of multi-million dollar corporations, as well as small business owners and solopreneurs, she has proven that people who tap into the core of their personal power ? that unique combination of innate gifts, learned skills, and divine purpose ? can overcome any adversity and create what others believed could never exist .

Dixie is the author of Just Blow it Up – Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life and Doses of Dynamite – Firepower for Capturing the Inspiration in Everyday Things. She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and has served as an Executive Editor for The Good Men Project as well as writing for Entrepreneur.com, Business Woman Media, and HuffPost. This year she was honored as a “Woman of the Decade in Enterprise and Innovation” by the Women Economic Forum and currently serves on the WEF Board of Advisors for 2018 events.

Dixie loves talking with individuals and groups about how to transform lives, brands, and businesses. If you or your organization needs to have that conversation you can learn more at dixiegillaspie.com.




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