124: Chef Charles Carroll – The Recipe – The Ingredients of Greatness Part 2

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Where are you looking? Do you taste everything? How long do you persist before you give up?

Last episode I spoke with John David Mann, the other half of the writing team that created, The Recipe A Story of Loss, Love and The Ingredients of Greatness. Today I spoke with Chef Charles Carroll.

Still grieving my mom’s passing on October 1st, I was looking forward to this interview because I found this book so healing both before and after her passing. I knew my mom loved food and cooking and a good book so I was glad this interview was booked many months ago.

Chef did not disappoint. It was great to share with him how reading the book while mom was still alive allowed me to be more present with her while preparing food and how we both “tasted” food more because of the book and how the words, and recipes used throughout the book, gave me peace today.

The book, a culinary parable, and this interview, will take you on a journey that I hope will open your eyes and your mind to how just re-learning how to “taste life” can change your perspectives on everything you thought you knew.

  Award winning author, Inspirational Speaker, Producer, and Culinary Olympic Gold Medalist, Chef Charles Carroll is currently the Executive Chef of River Oaks Country Club, in Houston Texas.

Chef Carroll takes pride in mentoring students due to which he has written the award winning “Leadership Lessons from a Chef: Finding Time to be Great“, “Tasting Success: Your Guide to Becoming a Professional Chef“, and most recently published, “The Recipe“, on shelves October 17th, 2017.

He has spent the past three years traveling around the United States and the world to include Ireland, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Iceland, Portugal, Turkey, Chile, Korea, Paris, South Africa, Afghanistan, Greece, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Macao, and Canada mentoring, sharing and presenting his messages to culinary students, chefs, industry professionals and executives as well as the United States military personnel. His influence and inspiration has helped thousands of individuals reach their full potential and strive to be the best they can be.

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