143: Lisa Cini – Designing for More than One Generation

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Too often the elderly are shifted off to be someone else’s responsibility when they can no longer live on their own. Nursing homes, assisted living and memory care are popping up all over and frequent the news for abuses and lack of care. Not all are bad yet how do you decide the best course of action when a loved one can no longer be on their own?

My guest on this episode designs multigenerational spaces for families that choose to take care of three or more generations at home. She also designs spaces for facilities that care for the elderly, restaurants, sports teams and more. My favorite part– her four generation family is her test bed.

If you want to learn how to make multi-generational living work for your own loved ones, you will not want to miss this episode. Lisa shares successes, perils, pitfalls and a few things anyone can do to begin making a house work when you have older members in your home.

  Lisa M. Cini is the Founder, President and CEO of Mosaic Design Studio. A global commercial design, project management and procurement company, Mosaic’s mission is to “Improve Quality of Life By Design.”

Lisa has the ability to take the complex and make it simple, as well as repeatable. By harnessing this ability, the award winning company has expanded 149% over the past three years.

Under Lisa’s leadership, Mosaic has dedicated itself to meeting clients’ needs, while upholding their mission, vision and values.  She has helped a diverse clientele has meet with success on far-reaching projects, and among them are: The top global senior living operators, The United States Air Force, The United States Navy, the National Hockey League, Coopers Hawk Winery and The OhioHealth Hospital System.

Combining her business savvy with her wide-ranging creativity has brought Lisa into the publishing world.  Her newest book, Hive: The Simple Guide to Multigenerational Living How Our Family Makes it Work is Lisa’s personal account of how her family has designed a home in which 4-Generations live together and lead productive, happy and healthy lives, even as the eldest member of the family struggles with Alzheimer’s/Dementia.  She just launched www.BestLivingTech.com in which she curates the best products to Embrace Living as we age.  Think Sharper Image meets AARP!

Lisa is also the author of 2016’s THE FUTURE IS HERE: Senior Living Reimagined, as well as many articles.  She has received numerous awards, which span multiple industries.  A sought-after speaker, Lisa has been featured on radio and TV; recently, she appeared on Today in America with Terry Bradshaw.

This spring Lisa will release her 3rd book BOOM The Baby Boomers Guide to Leveraging Technology, so that You Can Preserve Your Independent Lifestyle & Thriv pre-release has already made #1 on Amazon Kindle in 4 countries!

Lisa is regarded as the leading Alzheimer’s and long-term care design expert in the nation, and has been recognized for her contributions in the field. Though appreciative of the recognition for her work, Lisa is most gratified by helping people who are struggling with Alzheimer’s, find ways to cope as individuals, as families, and as communities.

Lisa Cini has an enduring passion to learn from the best and create change where she sees the need, and when she’s applied this passion to the field of interior design, she has helped redefine it.

A resident of Columbus, Ohio, Lisa supports her community through her dedication to volunteer work. She believes that we are all here to add value to this world using our God-given talents and treasures.

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