149: Ken Herron – Privacy and the Internet of Things (IoT and AI and Social Media)

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What does privacy mean in 2018 as it relates to Facebook and other social networks? What about Amazon Echo and Google Home devices or for that matter SIRI? Don’t forget all those other connected home devices and chatbots you use every day as well.

My guest is considered one of the top experts, globally, around IoT, the Internet of Things, AI, Artificial Intelligence and all things Social Media.

If you have ever asked Alexa a question, posted on social media or connected an appliance in your home to the internet to control it you will not want to miss this episode.

Ken Herron shares a website you can go to and discover what those Terms and Conditions agreements you have clicked right past (yup, I do it too,) really mean and how you can protect yourself on the wild, wild west aka world wide web plus so much more.

  Ken Herron is the Chief Marketing Officer for Singapore-based Unified AI company Unified Inbox Pte. Ltd. (“UIB”).

He was recently named one of 2018’s “30 Most Creative Corporate Leaders To Watch” by Insights Success Magazine;

Ken is a top-ranked global IoT and AI leader by Postscapes, Global Data, Digital Scouting, and Onalytica; and he is currently the #2 CMO globally on Twitter (follow him on @KenHerron).

Check out this episode!