74: Anne Grady: Resiliency Strategies

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Are you resilient? Do you know the difference between courage and resiliency? Are you going through what seems like one hit after another with no end in sight?

The last several years I have felt like that and it often seems as if I keep getting closer and closer to some edge that there is no coming back from. Yet, I never seem to reach that edge. How can you reset the edge for yourself? Is it even possible?

My guest today has been through unimaginable stress for the last 13 years and shares with us the 52 strategies she has discovered as her survival guide and how you can incorporate them into your life.

These are simple and strategies you can immediately begin implementing in your life today. I have had her book by my bed the last few months and it is the real deal.

Take a listen and share your strategies for resiliency and courage with me via Twitter, Facebook or email!

anne-grady-headshot Anne Grady is the President of Anne Grady Group and the author of “52 Strategies for Life, Love & Work: Transforming your life one week at a time.” Anne captivates audiences with her unique blend of humor, refreshing honesty, down to earth style, and her ability to help individuals and organizations get results. For over fifteen years Anne has helped lead organizations leverage the strengths of individuals and teams. Anne holds a masters degree in Organizational Communication.
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