Acquire, Convert, Repeat – Customers are Everything – Amy Biddle

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How do you build and maintain, “recency, frequency and money” while building raving fans?  Having a steady repeat stream of customers makes the difference between a profitable bottom line and one laden in red.

Amy Biddle is one of the top e-commerce digital strategists and on this episode she talks about and shares tips on the the different kinds of Facebook ads, the difference in marketing on social platforms, what a funnel means in the real world and one the trap of targeting to everyone is targeting to no one.

Amy Biddle has been obsessed with digital and traditional marketing since 1999.
“I was an English major,” she confessed. “But when I discovered marketing I finally had a reason to pay attention to numbers, too. Now I’m really a geek. I do words fused with data that strategically advance the bottom line.”

Having started her journey in content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), Amy has been consultant to over 10,000 business owners, advising small business owners how to create content that is both human friendly and search engine friendly.

She designed and led an ecommerce business program that facilitated over $20 million in revenue with participants.

She’s managed paid marketing with budgets of $50 per day to $20,000 per day, managing ad strategy for companies selling everything from cat toys to SaaS.

Amy publishes a monthly newsletter for ecommerce business owners with customer lists of over 5000 names. Learn more at .

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