Building a Home-based Business and a Team No Matter the Market with Jan Deardorff

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Jan Deardorff is an inspiration to many. She started her Mary Kay business while a teacher and in five months made more than she did teaching. Many want that dream to come true when they start home-based businesses yet many never come close to her success.

How has she accomplished so much in her 29 years with Mary Kay? How has she managed to weather many storms of uncertainty for her family and still come up on the positive side of situations?

With the world turned upside down right now and business as usual not possible, Jan shares her secrets of resilience and growth and how she and her husband plan for the down even when things are on the up.

Listen to the end and you will hear her tips on how she helps her team, or down-line as it is known in the world of Mary Kay and other business models like Mary Kay, plan from the start for success.

Jan Deardorff is the Future Ex. Sr. Sales Director Mary Kay, Inc. and believes that if you, “Help enough people get what they want and you will live the life of your dreams!!”

She has been married to her High School sweetheart Rick for 45 years this June.  They have 2 grown children, Jeff, a cross checker for the New York Yankees who is married to Caitlyn and their daughter Jeni, who is a business owner herself and is married to Justin.  They are blessed to have 5 amazing grandchildren!

After getting married Rick and Jan put themselves through college at Purdue University where they both earned their Bachelor of Science Degrees in Education.  Rick went on to become a professional Airline pilot with United Airlines.  He just retired in April of 2017 and they are excited to start the next nonstop over the top chapter of their lives!   Jan taught 5th grade for 8 years before starting her Mary Kay Business in 1991.  She became a sales mentor and coach, and earned her first car within 18 months of starting her business, and has driven free over the last 28 years earning the use of 14 free cars, 5 being Pink Cadillacs. Jan has built her unit to produce $300,000 to a Half Million in retail sales since 2000 with the goal this year of $650,000.

Jan has been a star 100 quarters, earned 2 court of sales diamond rings, and 7 court of sharing diamond bumblebees, and a 4 ½ carat Half Million diamond ring.  Her highest income for one month is over $15,000.  Her most cherished honor was being a Company monthly go-give winner twice… in Feb 2002 and Feb 2013. Her focus is being the woman God would have her to be.  She thrives on dreaming big, enriching women’s lives by helping them become all that God wants them to be, and being the most amazing wife, mother, grandmother, friend and mentor she can be!!  It is not always easy, but she enjoys life to the fullest, after all, it is just a matter of want to!

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