Data is the New Technology

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Data. And not my favorite Star Trek: TNG character either. Is now considered a more valuable resource in some circles than gold or diamonds. But what does all that data mean and how do you access and use it?

Rick Francart loves all things data and helps his clients harness their data for more than just sales and marketing. Data is a living, breathing thing and the way you use it can make your business thrive or fail.

So how can you use your data? Access your data? Make your data a living thing for your business?

Take a listen to this March 10, 2020 episode as Rick Francart discusses data and your business.

Rick Francart is the Founder & CEO of Five Opportunities, a next generation business partner that recognizes no two businesses are alike, and the way we conducted business in the past is not going to work in the future. For decades, Rick has been assisting commercial and government organizations of all sizes navigate their digital transformation journey.

Rick is an expert at connecting Business, Technology, and People, while maintaining the fragile bond between them. Rick’s knowledge spans infrastructure through applications, and the newest of technology, data.

Check out this episode!