Discover Your True North – Anne Bruce

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Anne Bruce joins me today to talk about how anyone can discover their own personal True North to help you have your best life possible. Take a listen as Anne shares how it is never too late to live, and embrace, what you are meant to be doing, how courage is more than you think it is and you have more of it then you think, and how competencies don’t always lead to your vocational calling. Anne also shares the one question she asks herself to keep her eye on her true north.

If you want a great way to lead into your new year, or anytime actually, or if you are thinking to yourself, “I need to figure out what I want for me”, or “I wish I knew what I am meant to be doing”, then take a listen as Anne shares that and more. I even share one of my own personal blocks and fears and Anne helps me work through it.

Anne Bruce is an popular speaker and author coach. She’s also a talent manager who works with celebrities, politicians, TV and sports stars. She’s spoken for the White House and the Pentagon, Coca Cola, Sprint, and Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Anne’s written 25 books translated into 36 languages for the largest publishers in the world. She’s also the co-author of Speak for a Living, 2nd edition with Sardek Love. Based on her bestseller, Discover True North.

Anne’s work is all about ways to Discover True North and transform your life and career. Her clients learn how to use their internal guidance system to create stronger, healthier, and happier relationships. Her next book to be released at Valentine’s Day 2021 is Discover True North Relationships.

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