Doctors, Healing and Focus on the Patient – Dr. Dan Witkowski

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Going to the doctor nowadays doesn’t always mean leaving there with a good diagnosis or a feeling of being heard. Many doctors are overworked and have become highly specialized preventing them from looking at their patient as a whole rather than a particular set of symptoms. Insurance reimbursement can also impact the doctor/patient relationship.

What can you do to change that and feel well again?

Enter Dr. Dan Witkowski. Board certified OB/GYN and Lifestyle medicine as well as being a certified nutritionist. Dr. Dan recently changed his practice to one where he takes fewer patients while giving them more time and a full patient level of care. I am not talking about overpriced concierge models but something different.

Take a listen as Dr. Dan and I talk about what he has learned from his patients, what steps and tactics can start you on a road to feeling better and why your lifestyle should matter to your doctor. It might not be what you think. And no, this is not a conversation about just going plant-based for your eating either. I don’t know about you but that is not a one size fits all model either.

Dr. Dan Witkowski’s father was on 17 medications when he died. He’d already had a quintuple heart bypass and a below the knee leg amputation due to diabetic complications. Dr Witkowski realized that none of his Dad’s doctors had asked about his lifestyle, what he was eating, or how he spent his time. Dr Witkowski’s patients were being put on similar lists of medications for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugars, and he decided he needed to do what he’d originally gone to medical school for. Help people. This formed the basis of the holistic and
comprehensive care he offers his patients today.

Dr. Dan is:
● Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology
● Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine
● Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition

He brings his unique combination of skills together at Direct Women’s Health in  Wakefield, MA where he sees patients through the Direct Primary Care model. Many of Dr. Dan’s patients have reversed their chronic health conditions and come off their  medication under his care. Dr. Dan has been delivering babies, specializing in Women’s Health, and changing lives since 1993.

Together with his wife, Pam, they run the free Plant Based Lifestyle Ambassadors community on Facebook, inspiring people to live tastier, healthier, more fulfilled lives.

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