EMC Live – The One and Only John David Mann – July 16, 2014

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I quote him in my award winning book. I read every blog he writes. He is one of my inspirations and he is a serial entrepreneur. Now, I get to share his wisdom with you on this show.

Some of what we are going to talk about includes; the connection between inspiration and discipline, the definition of lack, what it takes to be a successful writer and the essential skills that make a successful entrepreneur.


Join me on July 16, 2014 at 5pm eastern/2pm Pacific on the All Business Radio Network with my special guest, John David Mann. If you can’t make it live, catch the podcast on my website or subscribe on Stitcher and iTunes.


John David Mann, the man. In his own words:

I have a passion for great writing. Excellence is one of my most cherished core values.

The exquisite beauty of a powerful idea expressed in words, whether through a single sentence or a 700-page novel, is something that has stirred my soul since as long as I can remember.

So . . . What I do: I search out transformational ideas and stories and bring them to life in words.


Find out more at http://www.johndavidmann.com/  or better yet, join us on the show!