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What does choosing your power mean to you? Does it mean doing whatever you want whenever you want? Does it mean having it all on your terms? Do you know what it is you want and how to get it? If you are like a lot of entrepreneurs, you have goals that you have set and sometimes you achieve them and wonder why you don’t feel happier. I know myself that I have been on paths that later on I realized were someone else’s want for me and not my own.

My guest on the June 11, 2014 edition of Entrepreneur Master Class is going to provide some concrete tools you need to make your dreams a reality so you can take YOUR life and business to the next level. He is known as Dr. P and his book, Choosing Your Power, is so dogeared and highlighted on my desk it looks twice its size. Catch the replay on Stitcher, iTunes or the All Business Radio Network


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Blending his background in clinical psychology and business, Dr Wayne Pernell, or “Dr P” as he’s known by many, comes to us with over three decades of experience in management consultation and executive coaching.

He has worked with the executive teams at such companies as Schwab, 3Com, Whole Foods Market, and AAA in addition to running a locked psychiatric facility and having been the interim director of the Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic.

He is currently employed as a senior consultant and the Director of Organization Development with a Marin County based firm seeing clients across the country and into Canada.  Additionally, as a Certified High Performance Coach, he sees private clients on a regular basis both locally and long distance. Reach him at www.WaynePernell.com or on Twitter @WaynePernell