Episode 11: The Garbagemans’ Guide to Life – Norm LeMay and Steven Kaufman

In It's All About The Questions by Laura

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Garbage in. Garbage Out. This phrase takes on new meaning thanks to my guests today. Using experience in the trash industry these two men show you how you can clean your outside garbage and most of all your inside garbage.

What’s the antidote to a comfort zone? What are the eight steps to clear your mind and Jumpstart your life? I love their book, The Garbageman’s Guide to Life so much I endorsed it.

Meet the Disposal Dream Team.

Norm LeMay is an entrepreneur, educator, and philosopher. Thanks to his unique approach to management, he spent thirty years of his storied career helping to convert his family’s business–a waste management company that his father picked up in a swap for an old truck–into an asset worth more than $300 million. Through hard work and foresight, LeMay became a pioneer in recycling, transforming the State of Washington into one of the most efficient recycling areas in the United States. 

Steven Kaufman, known among friends as a brainiac with an incessant curiosity, graduated with honors from Stanford University. He spent the first twenty years of his varied career with companies like Wang and Intel, tackling assignments in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. In 2000, he shifted lanes and became an entrepreneur and a consultant, helping to launch a high-tech company that developed an automated route tracking system for the waste industry.

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