Episode 15 – Fiona Fine – Babe in Total Control of Herself

In It's All About The Questions by Laura

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What are the four words you should never say to a man? What is the number one communication disaster between men and women that we continually do to ourselves? What assumptions do men make about women and vice versa? Is there such a thing as gender intelligence?

My guest today is considered a top expert on all of the above and we don’t agree on some things, as you will hear during the interview but she does make me think. Will she make you think too? Tweet me @TheLauraSteward and let me know after you listen.

As an Author, Speaker and Coach, Fiona Fine is growing a movement for women and men to live and love on their terms. Her relationship book isBabe In Total Control of Herself (affectionately known as B.I.T.C.H).

Fiona turned her mess into a message​: after 30 years in a man’s world of engineering/IT, career coaching and recruiting (where she completely lost her femininity, her health and even her sense of humor to fit in and make the big bucks), she finally reclaimed her sassy, vibrant self and went from surviving to thriving! She then set out to help women (and the men who want to love them) to create their best lives so that they can have the money, the job, the health,  and yes, even the love of their dreams!

Fiona is a Relationship and Communications expert in her mid 50’s. She’s had a consulting & coaching practice for 20+ years and coaches and speaks on communications as well gender issues and how to create your best life of love, work, health and vitality, prosperity, and… fun!www.FionaFine.com @Fiona_Fine



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