From Conflict to Courage – How to Stop Avoiding and Start Leading – Marlene Chism

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Marlene Chism is recognized as one of the top experts on reducing or eliminating workplace drama and helping leaders become better leaders. She has been on the show before discussing her previous books and on this episode, we discussed her latest book, From Conflict to Courage: How to Stop Avoiding and Start Leading.

Conflict, and avoiding conflict, happen everyday either at work, at home or somewhere on the way to one of those. I’ve observed conflicts on roads, in restaurants, at concerts, on lines and personally have avoided a few at work or at home until it felt like I was going to explode.

On this episode, Marlene discusses how avoiding conflict can make you angry with yourself, how your goal when dealing with conflict is not about winning but breaking through to a solution and she also shares the words you can use to defuse a conflict and get to the other side.

Be prepared to take notes as this episode is filled with tips, strategies and tactics to help you stop avoiding conflict and move into leadership.

Marlene Chism works with top leaders to build drama-free cultures that drive growth and reduce costly mistakes. Her expertise includes leadership development, conflict management, and strategic communication.

Marlene is a recognized expert on the LinkedIn global learning platform, producing educational videos on Anger Management, Working with High Conflict People as a Manager, and Having Difficult Conversations.

Her soon to be published book is From Conflict to Courage: How to Stop Avoiding and Start Leading.

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