Goals That Matter – Michael Nelson

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Everyone talks about goals when they are starting out but do all goals matter equally? Are some dreams versus goals? Do all goals need to be done right now or do some need to wait because you need to look at them some more?

My guest, Michael Nelson, is a serial entreprenuer who knows a few things about success, failure and goals that matter and don’t.

Take a listen as we talk about the book he finally wrote after clients and friends urged him to, why willpower is not the answer to achieving goals, how to figure out what goals need an asterisk next to them and how to determine what matters for you.

Michael Nelson is the author of Goals That Matter – The Deceptively Simple System to Achieve Every Dream. Michael is an entrepreneur and a real estate investor. Having created a system to achieve his goals, Michael started sharing it with clients and friends who found a great deal of success with their goals. Having led hundreds of people through his goal setting system, he decided to write a book to share it even further. Michael’s book is a must-read for every person who desires to take their life to the next level.

At 29, Michael started his first company. The dotcom bubble set him back, but he learned from the experience and started another. TLC Tech (a technical support company) providing Managed IT Services, is thriving for one reason. He developed his goals.

But writing them down was not enough. It was when he realized how to use them to really matter and move the needle, that things began to change. Now, having built TLC Tech into a 7-figure success, he wanted to continue to grow. The key to it all sounded a bit cliche, but once he truly mastered both professional and personal goals, is when he found happiness and balance. It was a turning for Michael and his company.

His book, Goals that Matter, added another element to his life. It was his passion project. Helping others through coaching and public speaking has allowed him to pass along the tools he used. Seeing success in others has been extraordinary.

With 27 years’ experience and a positive outlook, he is a role model for every driven individual looking to take the next step in their life. And achieving every dream.

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