How to Unlock Your Potential

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Local business has taken a hit and many are out of work. How do you “think outside the box’ in regards to offering your services online? Everyone has a skill that can benefit another yet how do you unlock your thinking to see that skill and then monetize it while still staying in service to those in need?

The world has changed dramatically in the last few months. TikTok has taken the world by storm and the way we do business has had to change in order to survive for many traditional businesses. Cheryl T. Campbell has been helping local business shift their business online for decades now and has heard every reason why they couldn’t.

Cheryl shares how you can unlock your hidden skills and products, let go what is holding you back and help others in the process.

Cheryl T Campbell is a solopreneur whose career has been a diverse journey taking her from the hazardous waste field to SCUBA diving Instructor and ultimately to small business owner.

While developing a successful Interior Decorating and Custom Upholstery Shop she became fascinated with internet marketing and has never looked back.

She is the author of Relationship Marketing and the New Entrepreneur; co-author of  The New Masters of Online Marketing, and past publisher of Tribal Woman Magazine and The Internet Marketing Unlocked Magazine.  Her company, 4 Winds of Change LLC is parent to a diverse group of online properties that encompass video marketing, lead gen, CPA marketing and ecommerce.

Cheryl is passionate about sharing her knowledge of internet marketing and how you can apply it to create and grow leadership based businesses.

She also feels strongly about giving back to community and runs a non-profit charitable organization in her hometown of Madison, CT. for some free resources.

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