Is That the Best You Can Do?

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Is that the best you can do? A common question if you’ve even negotiated a purchase of a new car but have you ever thought of asking that question of yourself in all aspects of your life and business?

Kevin Hunter has applied that question to every action he takes and it has transformed his life and the lives of his clients. He wrote the book on that topic and it is life changing.

During this interview Kevin Hunter shares how to get out of your rut, stopped being trapped by your own mind and how OAR and BED are the best ways to know if you are doing the best you can do and find the thirsty horses that want to purchase your services and drink your products and services over and over and over again.

Kevin Hunter grew up in a very entrepreneurial family, and spent a majority of his professional life being self-employed. He got into media in 1999 broadcasting business talk radio. Moved into the online video broadcasting business in 2009, and by 2012 knew there was a serious future in publishing educational and informational video stories and consumer help videos.

Believe entirely in the fact that each of us has the power to choose either a VICTOR or VICTIM mindset, and depending on which one we chose, ultimately determines much of what we do with our lives. Kevin has also given a lot of attention to maintaining a flexible “comfort zone,” and have been asked to speak on this specific subject by many different organizations around the country.

Kevin has been an MC or Guest Speaker at a variety of functions and events in my state, and surrounding states on a variety of subjects. He likes to challenge people with developing better questions, deeper questions that go beyond the surface observations of any given issue, and allowing the information to lead them to conclusions (as opposed to assumptions).

In 2015, wrote “Is that the best you can do?” a book drawn from personal life experience, and interviews with guests from various walks of life.

Launched NOW Events in 2019 with a group of other concerned citizens in the state of Washington. The primary focus of hosted events are to bring engaging speakers from around the country to give people unfiltered access to some of the brightest minds in America today. Keeping it real and bypassing the Mainstream Media filter for what’s really happening in our country.

Kevin gives much time and attention to creating valuable stories for my online followers. I’m easy to find on YouTube at   Much of this content is significantly disliked by car dealers around the US, but he received more than 12,000 messages, comments, and emails from car buyers every year who are very appreciative of the help.  Have saved Car Buyers as much as $14 Billion Dollars on car purchases in the US.

Enjoy using spare time for the pursuit of applying and analyzing statistics, and love how much information can be gleaned from studying the data. There is much peace of mind that comes from understanding a histogram (bell curve), trends and how to use them to predict outcomes, seasonal cycles of data across many different business types. With highly polarizing subjects, it can be hard to understand what data tells us. There’s too much smoke screen. However, when you remove that data and apply it to other things that have less emotional attachment or preconceived notions, it’s easier to understand what it tells us. I find it easy to establish common ground when a neutral subject is chosen, and then bring new understanding to a topic we may have already thought we knew the answer for.

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