Leadership, Resiliency and Being Human First

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Current work from home is different than what working from home or remote working meant before Covid, yet few seem to be thinking about what that means or planning for the marathon that we are in.

No longer a sprint that we can just do a patch fix for, the new normal everyone has been talking is now the normal. Whether we get a vaccine or not, whether Covid disappears as some say, don’t expect work to go back to exactly as it used to be. Those that are taking a breath and planning, observing and shifting what it means to work are the ones that will be here next year.

Scott Carbonara is known as The Leadership Therapist for a reason. With a background in crisis management and running large corporations to reduce employee attrition, he knows what happens to an organization in flux. And he knows how to help them thrive.

On this episode we talk about what leaders need to watch for in themselves and their employees to help them excel, grow and stay connected when their work family has changed. We also talk about what staff and solopreneurs need to watch for to prevent  or minimize the metal creep of working from home. It is easy to work 24/7/365 when fear creeps in or you ask yourself, “what does my boss think of me? They are tracking my activity time so shouldn’t I respond to everything?

With no water cooler or corridor interactions subtle signs of overwhelm can take longer to spot from both sides of the desk.

What can you do? Take a listen as Scott shares resiliency and leadership tips to help us humans be more us while at work.

Scott Carbonara is a keynote speaker, author, and consultant who is passionate about engaging a company’s greatest asset: its people. Known as “The Leadership Therapist” for his diverse background–from serving as an award-winning crisis counselor, to executive chief-of-staff of a multi-billion-dollar company.

Scott has spoken for such esteemed groups as AT&T Global, Wal-Mart, multiple healthcare systems, and the federal government. He is the author of several leadership books including A Manager’s Guide to Employee Engagement (McGraw Hill). Scott breathes life into topics including employee engagement, culture, change management, communication, and customer service. www.LeadtoEngage.com.

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