Martial Arts, The Savvy Life and Questions About Finance – Melissa Tosetti

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Living the Savvy Life is being willing to ask the hard questions and stick to, well really define, your priorities for your life. It doesn’t mean lack or deprivation. It does mean understanding what you want from life and creating and following a plan to get there.

Melissa Tosetti, founder of The Savvy Life, helps her clients live the life of their dreams. She does that by helping them figure out what matters to them rather than continuing to let their current lifestyles control how their future will unfold.

On this episode, Melissa shares questions and insights she teaches her clients to help them grow and we also discuss how their other business, a family-owned martial arts studio has pivoted and thrived during the pandemic and how yours can to if you are willing to look deeply at your business. We also discuss how to determine what the key financial questions are you need to ask for your business, your life and your future.

I have never laughed as much on an interview and certainly not during such a fear based topic for many- money. That was a lesson I also learned while talking to Melissa: money conversations DO NOT have to be tense.

Melissa Tosetti, a Spending Plan Expert, is the founder of The Savvy Life and author of the international bestseller Living The Savvy Life.

She helps clients define the life they want to live and create a plan to fund it.  It’s all about purposeful spending.  She’s worked with over 650 clients to create spending plans and then teaches those clients how to put their plans into play.

Melissa has traveled across the U.S. giving over 200 presentations on topics related to cash flow planning and purposeful spending and has given over 275 webinars on the same topics.

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