Permission to Kickass – Angie Colee

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Illness prevented an earlier post of this episode recorded on June 29, 2021 yet the content is perfectly relevant today and always. giving ourselves permission to “kickass” as Angie Colee puts it is not something easy to do for most people. Many look for outside permission to excel and live full out for their dreams.

Take a listen as guest Angie Colee shares how she learned to give herself permission to live a life she defines including leaving safety behind for a covid duration nomad tour of living her dreams all across America, quitting a dream copywriting job for a major Internet marketer and stepping into being single and loving it. She also shares how you can too.

 Angie Colee is a confidence coach and business strategist who works with creative entrepreneurs to help them conquer fears, break through anxiety blocks, and start or grow a business with rockstar confidence. So many would-be freelancers and entrepreneurs let fear stop them before they get started, and Angie’s made it her mission to help more people learn how to deal with those fears and confidently step into the spotlight.

Angie knows what it’s like to have ideas and a powerful desire to show people what you can do. She’s had to sneak smart, proven marketing strategies by clueless corporate know-it-alls… and been yelled at (by those same know-it-alls) when those strategies went on to make the company millions of dollars. She realized how often ego gets in the way at big companies, and that you can’t tap into your full potential when you’re giving your all to a corporation that won’t give its all to you.

If you’re tired of being told what to do by clueless assholes and know you were meant for more, Angie’s your girl. She’s been coaching and running creative teams for companies like Lowes, Product Launch Formula, Copy Chief, and Orzy Media for years. In that time has helped hundreds of creative freelancers start their own successful businesses. She’s written and strategized dozens of multimillion dollar campaigns (including two during a pandemic) and her work is responsible for more than $50 million in direct to consumer sales.

Angie holds a Master of Entertainment Industry Management from Carnegie Mellon University, which means she understands the unique challenges faced by creatives in business. Her degree blends more traditional MBA expertise with the art of valuing and monetizing creative work. She was in the third graduating class of this creative business hybrid program.

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