Rachel Hanfling – Becoming a Media Magnet

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If you’ve written a book, have a business, are a speaker, or just have something helpful to share on a larger scale than your friends and neighbors, then getting on TV, radio, podcasts and more can be your path to getting your message out on a larger scale.

But how do you do that effectively? If you are uncomfortable speaking in public, as many are, how do you craft and deliver your message so that you are ready when you get the email or phone call?

Enter Rachel Hanfling. Former Emmy nominated producer for Oprah and Anderson Cooper, to name drop a few. She is also my go to when I have questions or need some coaching around media and speaking to groups overall.

On this episode Rachel shares how you can craft your signature talk and pare it down to its essence for different types of media. She also answers my questions on three things to focus on when you are preparing your talk or pitch.

We talk about even more, but you’ll have to listen or read the transcript to find out all the questions and answers from this episode! Rachel even has a freebie to help you in just 5 short minutes.

Emmy-nominated Rachel Hanfling is your guide to clear, confident, charismatic speech. A former producer for Oprah and Anderson Cooper, she’s coached clients to become go-to experts, land deals on Shark Tank, sell out on QVC, dominate worldwide speeches, generate explosive sales, nail workplace politics and more. She’s taught at Harvard, internationally, and across the U.S. Rachel is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She is mom to twin boys and a dog in New York City. To learn more about Rachel, visit rachelhanfling.com/5Minutes .

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