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Worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, lethargy, exhaustion and stress. I could check off the boxes on one or more of these almost every day. How about you?

My guest is Dr. Katie Nall. She has a Ph.D in Mathematics Educations, is a multiple TEDx speaker and a Top level EFT practitioner. She didn’t get her Ph.D until later in life but got it because she saw how stressed students were around math and matt classes. She made it her mission to help them and a new career was born.

Dr. Nall has actually had several careers and her latest started after she retired from her full-time position.

On this episode Dr. Nall shares, and makes me a willing guinea pig, how to reduce the WAFFLES in your life and most of all their impact on your mind, body and soul. She also shares her philosophy on life, business and why she just keeps getting better every year.

Dr. Katie Nall has a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education and is a TEDx speaker, a professional member of the National Speakers Association, and an Accredited Master Trainer and Certified Practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with additional training in trauma and quantum EFT. Whether in person or online, Dr. Nall shows others how to dissolve their WAFFLES – worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, lethargy, exhaustion, and stress. A careless housekeeper and worse cook with no desire for rehabilitation she somehow is still married to the same person for over 48 years. Website: NallEdgeCo.com

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