Why can’t we all just follow instructions?

In Inspirations by Laura

What is it about instructions that make us all want to just say no?  Do we really hate listening to what others show us or tell us to do that much?  Even when what they are telling us will make our lives better, easier and will make the programming of the DVR faster?

How many of you have opened a box, taken out the instructions for assembly, and immediately put them to the side?  Then you went ahead and tried to put the item together, say a bicycle, IKEA furniture or even a new smartphone cell phone?  Then, after many hours of frustration, grumbling, maybe a few choice words and, perhaps even throwing things, pulled out the instructions and realized you would have had it all working hours ago if you had just reviewed the instructions first?

I know I’ve been there and I once had a career writing those instructions!  It is human to think we know better than someone else.  But if we all just felt we knew it better, can you imagine how many Rube Goldberg devices there would be out there and how much head bumping would be going on?  How much time would be wasted of the 168 hours we get each week?

Wouldn’t you rather spend more time with family, yourself, friends and God? Time doing things that move you forward in your life versus time spent figuring out something that someone else already figured out and showed or told you how to do?

I propose this – we all open our minds to the possibility that we don’t know it all and that we can still learn a thing or two from the other humans and even non-humans on the planet.  I can tell you I have learned a lot about unconditional love from my dog, Frankie, and even how to work together from watching geese fly.

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