You Don’t Suck – Your Copy Does – Carline Anglade-Cole

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As if the title wasn’t enough to suck you in there is more from this much requested repeat guest. Her latest book’s title is You Don’t Suck – Your Copy Does – 60 Kick-Butt Lessons on Copywriting, Business and Life and it definitely delivers.

Be prepared for a high-energy listen as Carline talks about what makes an A-List copywriter, how to appreciate who you are and what you have, how to deal with bad things happening and not let them derail you and even a little bit about bras and the wisdom of finding the perfect one only to have it discontinued!

CARLINE ANGLADE-COLE still wakes up every morning shocked – and happy – she’s found a job that pays her so well for doing something she loves!

After 12 years in the direct mail industry working at Phillips Publishing Inc. (now Healthy Directions), Carline ventured out on her own and launched Cole Marketing Solutions, Inc.

When she began her copywriting freelance career in 1999 – her goal was simple: Make a decent income and have the flexibility and time to raise her 4 kids with her firefighter husband, Mickey.

Along the way, she managed to create multi-year controls for leading clients in the health industry including: Health Resources … True Health … Healthy Directions … Boardroom … Biscayne Labs … Schweiz Health … Vitamin Research Group … and NeoGenis – just to name a few …

… consulted and helped international clients break into the American health market …

… oh – and got a shot at launching Oprah’s “O Magazine” in the direct mail arena!

Not too shabby for a mom – and now grandmother of 3 boys – who works in her basement wearing a t-shirt, shorts and bedroom slippers!

Recently, instead of throwing a traditional 30th anniversary party with her husband – Carline decided they should celebrate – not the day – but the entire year!

That year of travel included spending weeks in Japan, Guatemala, New Zealand, South Africa, Haiti and Jamaica – along with some fun times in New Orleans!

Thanks to the amazing writer’s life – during that year of travel – Carline still managed to write copy for clients and have one of her most successful fiscal years ever!

Carline specializes in creating home-run copy to launch new products, revive struggling product lines, and help clients to maximize their revenues.

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