057: How to Deliver Value for 32 Years – Joe Foley

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Keeping a business going for 32 years is no easy feat no matter what the business but to keep a business going that relies on tech and the ever changing methods of product delivery is rare. My guest today shares his secrets to success for his company, his life and his clients and how he has seen profits rise each year while focusing on the kind of clients he prefers to do business with, heart-centered entrepreneurs and organizations!

On this episode Joe Foley shares his daily practice, or as he calls it, his morning ritual, how he knows what is the next big thing to focus his company towards and how he gets all of those word-of-mouth referrals from his clients.

joefoley2   Joe Foley is the CEO (Client Experience Officer) at Corporate Disk Company, a 32 year old business specializing in media, print, and packaging fulfillment.  The Information Marketing Industry considers his team to be the trusted authority in the niche.  They are known to most people as their URL acquired in 1995.

Joe’€™s abundant future mindset target is establishing as the preeminent global provider of crowdfunding reward fulfillment.  The FUTURE focus at will be a single focus on helping heart centered entrepreneurs and organizations whose purpose is to make a positive impact in the world.  Joe enjoys being an inspirational leader but insists on personally providing service to some of his VIP clients on a daily basis.

His number 1 role in life is to be a great father to his daughters and smiles at everyone while thinking about how grateful he is each and every day.  Contact:
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