103: Bryan Mattimore – 21 Days to a Big Idea

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Do you have a big idea? Would you know a big idea if it fell in your lap? Do you watch TV and see amazing new products out there that you say, I could have done that?

Well if you have ever wanted to launch your creative spark and find your OWN big idea my guest today makes it easy. Well not quite easy but definitely easier! For most of us the hardest part of an idea is getting started. Especially when you are alone. How do you know if your idea even makes sense?

According to Bryan Mattimore, the crazier and more insane the idea the better. The worst ideas often create the biggest new idea. Think pet rock, the character of the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld, smart water (truly one of my favorites and one I drink regularly). Knowing how to turn that worst idea into something great just takes some creative thinking.

With the launch of his latest book, 21 Days to a Big Idea, Bryan guides you through how you can develop 21 big ideas in 21 days. Each exercise in the book has been carefully crafted and tested to help you trigger your creative juices and think outside your own perceptions.

On this episode Bryan shares how the idea can to be, of course it started with a question, and his own journey to create the workshop that created this book. Listen as we share some of our own Big Ideas!

 Bryan W. Mattimore is cofounder and “Chief Idea Guy” of the Growth Engine Company, www.growth-engine.com, a sixteen-year old innovation agency based in Norwalk, Connecticut.

In his innovation consulting career, Bryan has facilitated over a thousand brainstorming sessions, moderated over five hundred creative focus groups, and managed over two hundred innovation projects, leading to over $3 billion in new sales for a wide variety of Fortune 500 clients, including Kraft, Unilever, Ford, AT&T, BNY Mellon, LVMH, Merck, and Pepsi.

A cum laude graduate of Dartmouth, his first book on business creativity, 99% Inspiration, was selected as the American Management Association’s membership offering/book of the year. His second book on ideation and innovation process Idea Stormers, How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs was published in 2012 by Wiley Jossey-Bass. His new book is 21 Days to a Big Idea, published by Diversion Books.

He is also the inventor of the creativity training game, Bright Ideas. Contact info: bmattimore@growth-engine.com, (203) 857-4494
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