111: Gary Govanus – Geek to Cruise Guru!

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I have not taken a vacation since 2010. That is not something I am proud of. It is just how things have gone. I have been on business trips to speaking gigs and conferences but no vacation time where you unplug and recharge. Am I feeling that lack of recharge, away from my routine? Yes. Do I want to go away? Yes. Do I see how I can do that easily while caring for my mom? No.

Vacations have been proven to increase productivity, lower stress and improve health yet so many of us don’t take trips and when we do they just don’t live up to our expectations or the hype we have heard about that particular trip.

My guest today is a long-time friend who I met when I started my first company and he still is one of my mentors in life. He left the geek world and now helps people take vacations.

What I love is he asks lots of questions of his clients BEFORE he ever books them on a trip. Why? So he can make sure that he can provide them the best vacation they can possibly have. You see, vacations are not so simple for most people and the wrong booking can waste money, energy and time.

So how do you avoid the cruise from hell and have the cruise of a lifetime? Listen as Gary shares insider tips and tricks to book the right cruise by asking the right questions!

 Thirty years ago, as a mere young whelp of lad, computer weenie Gary Govanus was dragged kicking and screaming on his first cruise. Convinced he would hate it, especially seeing the tiny cabin and the twin beds bolted to the floor, he set off with his ever-patient wife on his first cruising adventure. He desperately wanted to go back to his happy place where he could write his geek books, teach his other computer weenie friends and live happily ever after installing computer networks.

Thirty some cruises later, it is obvious his first impression was wrong, but he was enough of a man to admit it. He likes it so much that he decided to spread the gospel of cruising. He abandoned the fun filled, exciting world of computer networking and became a travel agent. Now, his goal is get to everyone to go on vacation. A lofty dream, but he is making daily strides. Find him on Facebook @govanus

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