113: Wendy Lipton-Dibner – Creating Viral Influence

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Be a goal digger. Not a gold digger. That was the thought that came to mind while I was prepping for this interview. Most business people want to create  that viral thing that creates interest, gets your name out, in a good way, and hopefully increases revenue. But how do you do it? What are they key things to look out for? How do you do it with Ethical Influence? How do you achieve your goals and earn income?

Ethical influence is something we all need to be thinking about. Every time you post something or say something you are influencing events. That influence can be a positive one or not so positive. When you are building a brand you have choices to make as to what your brand is all about, what changes your brand will drive and how you and your company will be remembered. Every action you and your employees take and make affects your influence.

Impact and influence are two sides of a coin that are tightly woven together and can create or destroy your business and brand. So how do you Focus on Impact AND influence ethically in this age of instant feedback?

How do you Shatter Your Own Speed Limits to have the business and life you have dreamed of?

Take a listen to this show and then let me know how you are creating ethical viral influence and let me help it go viral by retweeting, reposting and more from my seat. P.S. There is a free offer for all of you listening at the end from Wendy!

 WENDY LIPTON-DIBNER is the world’s leading authority on business acceleration through impact strategy and ethical influence.

As President of Professional Impact, Inc., Wendy has built 10 successful businesses of her own, published 5 bestselling books, and served as a trusted advisor to doctors, executives, entrepreneurs, and top influencers worldwide.

Wendy is the founder of the Move People To Action? System for Ethical Influence, and creator of the Focus On Impact® Strategic Map ? the system Forbes calls, “The secret to success in business!” and INC. named, “Your path to profitable success.”

Wendy is here today to talk about how we can ethically get our impact into the world with Viral Influence.  www.viralinfluenceforimpact.com

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