115: Wayne Pernell – Curious George Speaks Significance

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“Your best self is not static. You are in a relationship with yourself and you change.” Wise words from my guest Dr. Wayne Pernell. His first book, Choosing Your Power, my copy is quite dog-eared, sets the tone for his latest book, The Significance Factor.

What am I here for? Why did I wake up today?How do I define success? How do significance and failure relate? These are only a few questions Wayne poses on the show. Yes we answer how you can find your own personal answers to those questions. Beyond those questions though we talk about how to discover your own true values, why they are important to write down and how to then live them, authentically in all aspects of your life.

One of my favorite parts of this interview was the Threshold Trigger exercise Wayne walks us through on the show. It is a brilliant piece of work that can immediately snap you out of whatever role, limiting belief or mood you are in.

Wayne shares how being Dr. Pernell was not allowing him to be who he really is. We look at how he shifted it and why his wife played such a key role in that change.

So much more, we could have talked for hours. He will be back!


  Insightful, witty, and playful, Dr. Wayne Pernell brings close to forty years of experience helping leaders at all levels to attain new levels of break-through success.  Dr. Pernell knows the power of clarity and focus as foundational elements in relationships and leadership and in service of his clients, he developed his DynamicLeader® programs.

As an internationally acclaimed and #1 best-selling Author, Speaker, Certified High Performance Coach, and morning television guest, Dr. Wayne Pernell’s work has positively impacted thousands of people around the globe.

After earning his doctorate in clinical psychology, Dr. Pernell engaged in the business world and began working with mid-to-senior leaders across a broad array of organizations and now invites participation in the  DynamicLeader® programs where clients achieve greater productivity, a renewed sense of focus and purpose, and even greater levels of influence.

As a fourth-degree black belt, coach, and author, his inspiration spread to the community. As Sensei Wayne, his students learned to continually assess available options in an effort to best minimize or eliminate conflict. Drawing on concepts from Bushido (the “Way of the Warrior”), Sensei Wayne teaches those he serves to get through tough spots, reducing conflict in their lives, emphasizing the power of choice even during extremely high-pressure situations.

Also affectionately known by friends and family as “Dr. P,” this man of many talents is no stranger to the stage and is likely to show you his personal brand of magic in everything he does.  While no longer performing, Dr. Pernell is an accomplished magician.  These days he’s likely to pull out a “M.A.G.I.C.” formula in the service of helping his clients. (Ask about this one!)

In addition to his DynamicLeader® programs, since 2005 Dr Pernell has been with the Pride Institute, the country’s foremost dental practice management consulting group.  And now, as the Director of Organization Development and one of the Senior Consultants, Dr P continues to focus on leadership development, helping his new and seasoned clients across the country to break through to new levels of success.

And he’s not done yet!  With new books and online courses under development, you’re sure to find something that will challenge and propel you forward.  Please be sure to find him online at:

Web:           www.DynamicLeader.com

Facebook:   www.Facebook.com/WaynePernell

Twitter:       @WaynePernell

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