127: Will Reynolds – Lean Startup – Not Everything is Plug & Play

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Is the only path to a successful business startup via venture capital? Is there another way? How do you know what “rules” to follow and what rules to modify or not follow?

Does the playbook you are using really work for your company? How do you know? What questions do you need to be asking to determine the answer?

How do you know if you are on the right track or the wrong track? What questions do you need to be asking?

Will Reynolds, CEO of SecureDocs, shares his experience running a Tech startup, without VC money, and how they built a team of sales people, tech people and most of all committed people for the success of the company and the team.

If you want to learn some killer questions to ask for any level of your business, you will want to listen to this episode and have pen, or keyboard in hand, to give thought to the questions posed.

  Will Reynolds led the initiative to spin SecureDocs out as a new and separate business from AppFolio Inc. at the end of 2013.

He oversees all aspects of the company’s strategy and development as well as building on the already exceptional team that’s come together at SecureDocs Inc.

Will has ten years of experience managing sales teams in the Software as a Service space. As an early employee at AppFolio, he played a key role in building a customer base and sales team for their Property Manager solution and latterly for SecureDocs prior to spin off. Previously, he managed teams at Citrix Online, selling products such as GoToMeeting and GoToMyPC. Will moved to California from London in 2005 and only occasionally misses the rain. He holds a BA from Southampton University in the UK.

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