128: Anita Taylor – Organize Your Business and Your Life

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Ever feel like your life is filled with clutter? Real physical clutter and other kinds? Even for just a moment? I know I have. When I first started my first business I was feeling overwhelmed by everything that needed to get done and it just seemed like there had to be a better way other than working 100 hours a week and not sleeping.

Enter Anita Taylor. She shadowed me for part of the day and came up with several solutions for me that radically changed the way I worked. And then she followed up a few weeks later to tweak things.

I still use some of those techniques today and I can hear her voice in my head when the physical clutter piles up. So, I decided to bring her wisdom to you on the show.

Anita shares how in just 15 minutes you can begin and make a dent in the overwhelm, how to follow the money in your office and she shares some questions you can ask to clear emotional and physical clutter. 

  Since 1992, Anita Taylor has been guiding busy individuals from their cluttered and disheveled worlds to organizational solutions that instill stability and simplicity into their lives and businesses. 

Anita is an accomplished speaker, trainer and the organizing consultant to trust. As a former Assistant Director of BNI in Connecticut, Anita utilized her more than two decades of training and organizing experience to increase BNI’s presence in Fairfield County. www.anitaylor.com


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