131: Amy Kardel – Clever Ducks, CompTIA, Macro Trends & The Air You Breath

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Do you know what affects the air you breath in your business? Do you even understand the question? I have to admit I was uncertain when my guest on the show posed that very question but then I mulled it over and wow, shifts began to happen. I just LOVE perception shifting questions!

Amy Kardel is a geek, brilliant business woman, entrepreneur, Chairwoman of the Board of one of the top technology Associations in the world and, in her spare time, just became a lawyer.

How does she do it all seemingly with ease? How does she balance running a business with her spouse all while raising a family?

What question(s) does she asked herself to keep herself grounded, moving towards her goals and help her see the future before everyone else does?

Listen in as we speak, macro trends, privacy, security, air, your why? and much more.

  Amy Kardel is an experienced small business technology advocate with an international perspective. Amy currently serves as Chairwoman of the board for CompTIA, the trade association for the global IT industry, where she works on workforce, cybersecurity and advocates for federal policies to address small business technology needs. As a co-founder of San Luis Obispo, California based Clever Ducks, an IT consulting firm, her team designs and manages computer networks. She is an active Rotarian, sailor, mother of four and just passed the California bar exam.


I apologize for the late posting of this episode. It went “live” on December 5, 2017 and is just getting posted today. I rarely pre-record shows for “live” posting later but I had to do that with this episode as I was out of town burying my parents. Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts.

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