159: Stephanie Leach – From Texas BBQ Brisket to Vegan Juice Coach

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How does a woman from the BBQ loving state of Texas make the move to not only becoming a vegan, whole food plant-based advocate and avid juicer but also to switch careers and follow her calling to show others how they can improve their health one mouthful of nutritious foods at a time and convert her husband and son?

That is definitely a story I wanted to hear, so I asked Stephanie Leach to be on my show. I know from personal experience that trying to become healthy is not as easy as we might think. So many distractions along the way of embracing a new way of thinking, eating, living, healing. One of the hardest to move past, beyond the one in our own minds, is that of influences from the outside. Stephanie posed some interesting questions we can ask ourselves. One in particular really made me think about whether I am even allowing myself to think and believe that I can change what is happening for myself right now. You’ll have to listen to hear what happened.

I’ve struggled with weight and health issues for most of my life. It seems as if I have lost and gained the same 60 pounds for the last 20 years or more. I’ve been vegan and full blown meat eater. So what is the answer? I have not found it yet but what I do know is that adding more fruits and vegetables and less processed food into my daily eating plan does make me feel better. Stephanie has found the answer for herself and for many of her clients. Book after book, functional medicine doctor after functional medicine doctor tells us to go whole food and plant-based. Go organic.

If you have ever thought about migrating your way of eating to a plant based one or if you have tried and failed because it was just too overwhelming then take a listen to this interview because I love how Stephanie offered up easy to follow replacements you can readily use to change one meal a day or multiple and still get your BBQ on!

Stephanie shares how she was able to hold strong and achieve her health goals even with her family not being on-board at first. She also shares tips you can begin doing right now to add more plant based foods into your diet. One meal or one snack at a time.

  As a Certified Health Coach and Certified Juice Therapist, Stephanie Leach helps busy people transform their health and reclaim their energy with the power of juicing and a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.  

Website: https://stephanieleach.com





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