160: Cheryl Leitschuh – Straight Talk for Smart Business Women

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Most businesses fail within five years. My guest today has had her own business for over twenty-five and has no plans to end it anytime soon. She has weathered recessions and booms, detours and distractions and has come out even stronger than when she started her business. How does she do it? Believe it or not, with a lot of questions and her CALM method for building your business.

I met Cheryl Leitschuh via a friend and previous guest on the show Ursula Mentjes. We talked and immediately connected. Her wisdom learned from working with clients who are striving to build their own successful business is priceless and she has even compiled it into her recent book, Straight Talk for Smart Business Women: Critical Tools to Build and Grow Your Business lays out many of the lessons she has learned and taught to her clients.

The book, and this interview also reveals her CALM Method for business growth that will help you gain clarity, focus and leverage your “ONE thing” and measure your success or failure. If you want to know what the “One thing” is you will need to listen in!

If you are in business, starting a business, thinking of starting a business or working in corporate (which is not the dirty word so many people say it is), you’ll want to listen to this interview with pen and paper, or keyboard, so you can take notes.

  Who is Cheryl Leitschuh? Mentor, guide and influencer. Many of Cheryl’s clients describe her as the “yoda” for woman owned small businesses and solopreneurs.Cheryl has had the pleasure of owning a successful, sustainable small business for over twenty five years.   She has stumbled, regrouped, learned, succeeded and failed BUT remained committed to being an entrepreneur. Cheryl has also coached other women owned small businesses to enjoy the opportunities of being an entrepreneur. Her mission is to help woman owned small business to start, build and grow their own successful enterprise.


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