172: Kevin Murphy – The Three Rooms

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Live in the now. Be present. Don’t borrow worry from tomorrow. Don’t dwell in the past. We’ve heard those phrases over and over for most of our lives. Easy to say . Not so easy to always do.

Our reactions to the way ideas are presented can vary by who we hear them from and even when we hear them. When Kevin Murphy was introduced to me and I read his book I knew I had to have him on the show. He presents a unique way to look at something we have all heard before that I hope can help.

During the show Kevin shares how you can observe your thoughts, the three rooms, what questions to ask to know what room you are in, is it ever ok to visit the past or future how stress is based on the room you are in and more.

If you want to stay in the present more, reduce stress and perhaps even have a happier life and business, take a listen.

Kevin Murphy is a former Wall Street managing director for Citigroup, high school and collegiate wrestling champion, community activist, speaker, coach, and author of the book The Three Rooms.

These experiences have given Kevin a unique and eclectic mix of understanding human nature. He noticed that our happiness and unhappiness in life is always the result of our thoughts – whether observations of the present, memories from the past, or projected fears about the future. Combining this theory with the deep personal insights he attained along his own 20+ year spiritual journey, Kevin stepped away from the corporate world to write the book The Three Rooms, in which he explains how observing which room your thoughts are in, can change your experience of life.

The Three Rooms invites you to start the process of better monitoring your thoughts—while providing you the keys to transform your life by doing so. As Kevin notes, those thoughts merely affect our health, our wealth and our relationships.

Website thethreerooms.com

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