173: Kateri Ruiz – MAIA.Community – $20/month = $37.7 million in one year

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Did you know that if each woman in America spent $20/month at a woman owned business that would put $37.7 billion into the hands of women-owned business? That amount is more than all the venture capital given to women-owned businesses in 2017. Crazy isn’t it?!

My guest is making it easier for you to spend that $20/month. She has created MAIA.community. A directory website with profiles of currently over 700,000 women owned businesses.

Rather than just give lip service to supporting women Kateri Ruiz has devoted her business to growing women owned businesses.

Take a listen as we talk about how she decided to create her business after declaring she sold her soul in corporate life.

At MAIA, our mission is to change the status quo on gender equality at the highest levels of leadership. We are women-conscious consumers and we’re creating the first free access searchable platform of woman-owned businesses in the United States, 13 million and counting. As the CEO of your life, does your purchasing power align with your values?

My personal challenge is 83% – 5 out of 6 people in my household are female. 83% of our household spending will go to women-owned companies, and women-created ventures.  When women are involved equally at the highest levels of leadership, where we ideate, create and make decisions, we have the potential for our products, our services, and solutions to truly represent all of us.  

If each female in the U.S. spent $20 a month at a woman-owned business for 1 year, they would drive $37.7 billion more to women-owned companies than all Venture Capital funding did in 2017. Your money matters, use it to make a difference!

I also sold my soul for corporate America for 17 years. I had full P&L responsibility of $42M.   website: maia.community

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