187: Cheri Abrams – Self Care is for Everyone

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I like to think I am good at self care but I have realized I am not. I too often in my life have waited until I was in bad shape before I reached out for help. Inconsistency in self care over the years and the amount of stress have played havoc on my body and my mind. Which is why doing this episode was so important to me.

My guest, Cheri Abrams has been taking care of others and helping them get free of, or gain control over, pain for over 24 years. She taught me that sometimes self care means allowing others to help you versus feeling we have to take care of ourselves by ourselves.

Why is taking care of ourselves something that we often put to the side when we know it is important to put our oxygen mask on first before helping another in jeopardy otherwise we might not be able to help them?

Take a listen as Cheri shares how she built a business after being “called” to help others and how it helps her more than anything she has every done for a career. Cheri also shares things you can do in just moments a day to help yourself and reduce pain and inflammation. She also shares the best way to find a top massage person in your own area.

Cheri is my go to person for massage and other modalities to help calm my shattered nervous system. Take a listen as she shares some of her wisdom.

Cheri Abrams is a Therapist and Educator for over 24 years. She is a Certified Cupping Therapist, Advanced Practitioner in Therapeutic Massage, Reiki and Shiatsu, flautist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and Martial Artist.  Becoming deeply committed into the world of martial arts brought about her interest in the alternative healing methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, and Massage Therapy.  For fifteen years she devoted her life to training in Ninjutsu and Kung Fu, for which she achieved a black belt level in both arts. To become a black belt level in Kung Fu, she had to learn basic TCM, (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Shiatsu, which led Cheri to become a Massage Therapist, and a teacher for Space Coast Health Institute in Melbourne, Florida.

​Throughout all the years of her healing practice, listening to just about every New Age, flute, world, classical, and easy listening cd on the market, it only seemed natural for Cheri to step into the genre.  Her first contribution was recording flute for a meditation CD, Connecting with All Life, for friend and client, Kumari Mullin. Their collaborations continue to this day, and keep checking this site for announcements of new music. www.cheriabrams.com


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