92: Dr Andrew Dobo – EMDR to Heal Your Life

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Flashbacks. Panic Attacks. Constant pain. These are just a few of the symptoms those with PTSD deal with everyday. Sometimes many times a day. Even if you don’t suffer from PTSD you may all of a sudden have a fear of elevators. Be afraid to fly or be unable to eat ice cream. The triggers may come out of the blue or build over time. No matter what the symptom is you are dealing with it can be debilitating.

What if you could remove the root cause of your symptoms and move past them into a better future filled with possibility versus trauma? Filled with belief that you matter vs you don’t?

My guest on this episode is a psychologist who works with patients to help them heal from past traumas using EMDR. If you have never heard of it before I encourage you to listen closely and then find a practitioner in your area. It has been around for decades and is being used around the world to cure PTSD and more.

EMDR is simple and effective and permanent. Listen as Dr. Andrew Dobo shares how EMDR works and the six stages of healing.

  Dr. Andrew Dobo was first trained in the use of EMDR more than fourteen years ago. He has treated hundreds of patients and participated in literally thousands of EMDR sessions in his very busy and successful private psychology practice. He is a licensed psychologist in Florida.

Dr. Dobo is highly credentialed in the use of EMDR. He has a lifelong interest in psychology and religion. He thought he had nothing new to add to the conversation until EMDR, which is the missing piece that can ignite powerful changes in his clients in an accelerated manner. Much to his surprise, he found this transformational process has six distinct stages.

Dr. Dobo has been in private practice for almost fifteen years; before that he was a staff psychologist at the Indian River Medical Center’s Behavioral Center. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and The International Association of EMDR (EMDRIA). He frequently speaks about the material covered in his book. He is often invited back to Florida Tech, his alma mater, to present on the use of EMDR.
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