97: 42 Ways to breath – Swami Anjani talks First Breath, Last Breath

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Breathing seems like it should be a natural and automatic thing yet so many of us shallow breathe, hold our breath without realizing it or just in general don’t do a full breath.

There are over 200 different kinds of breathing that can transform your health, your focus, your life. Many of us are familiar with the panting breathing that pregnant women are taught to help them through childbirth. We may have heard of fire breath. If you saw the movie The Hulk, with Edward Norton, you saw that breath in action while he is training to control the triggers that turn him into the Hulk. At least I think that was the breath they were doing!t

Do we really need to learn how to breathe? Based on my personal experience the answer is a resounding yes.

My guest on this episode is Swami Anjani. She shares with us some of the 42 types of breathing detailed in First Breath, Last Breath by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavait, founder of Kashi and Kali Natha Yoga.

We do an actual breathing exercise on the radio, and I have a major reaction to it! You know me, I participate in my radio shows on all levels. I always put myself out there as guinea pig! So settle in for this episode in a comfortable place and remember, In, Out. In Out. Breathe in. Breath out. Oh yeah, there is more in between the in and out so listen carefully!

 Swami Anjani graduated from Brockport State University (New York) in 1967 with a degree in Secondary English Education.  She joined the Peace Corps and served in the Philippines until 1969, training teachers and directing a program for kids suffering from leprosy.

Swami Anjani met Ma Jaya in New York in 1975; she moved to Kashi in 1979, serving as the River School’s Principal for 24 years. Swami attended the Harvard Graduate School’s Principal’s Center in 1995. She helped organize the Treasure Coast Teen Institute, a youth leadership camp. In ’02, the Congressional Youth Leadership Council in Washington recognized her for her contributions as an advisor.

She currently serves as Kashi’s Director of Community Relations and is Kashi’s representative to the United Religions Initiative. From 2003  – 2012, Swami Anjani served on the Board of Directors of the Economic Opportunities Council and as a member of the Sebastian Advisory Council of the Boys & Girls Club. She has served as  the President of the Sebastian Clambake Foundation since 2006, was elected Sebastian’s Woman of the Year in 2009, and was chosen by the Lion’s Club as the Grand Marshal of the 2014 July 4th Parade.

Since 2010 she has spoken several times at Unity/Ft. Lauderdale during their September Interfaith Month services. In October, 2015, she represented Kashi at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City. Swami Anjani has spoken at Interfaith services in Vero and Sebastian, and she serves as a volunteer Interfaith Chaplain at Indian River Medical Center.