98: Pattie Grimm – Kicking Glass

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Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Quiet Women Never Change History” at least I think she said that. But how do you turn a moment into momentum to make a difference in your life, business or the lives of others?

How do you not only Lean IN but BE IN? How do you Thrive?

If you want to change your status quo and shake things up, or maybe just make a few minor shakes, this is the episode for you. My guest today has taught and spoken around the world on Leadership, growth, sales and excellence. While researching her latest book, Quiet Women Never Changed History – Be Strong Stand Up and Stand Out, Let’s Go Kick Some Glass, she discovered how anyone can change their situation and gives us some exercises you can do at home to get your new path started.

 Pattie Grimm has over 25 years of experience in change leadership, sales, leadership, and team development. She started her career in financial services with two large banks. In 1998, Pattie joined Microsoft to lead their transformation to a customer-centric and sales excellence company. Pattie spent three years in the Asia Pacific Region, where she led the region’s customer and partner excellence team.

Pattie returned to the world of change leadership and management consulting in 2013 after leaving Microsoft. Her company helps companies “transform their business from the inside out.” Pattie is recognized as one of the top Women Leaders by the Executive International Women’s Association and Who’s Who in Women’s Leadership.

Pattie’s book, Quiet Women Never Changed History ? Be Strong, Stand Up and Stand Out with the subtitle ? “Let’s Go Kick Some Glass” is on Amazon. Pattie is a frequent speaker on women in leadership, leadership, teams, and change management as well how to build a customer centric organization. She also hosts the weekly radio show Women Kicking Glass on OC Talk Radio at 10:00 AM PDT pattiegrimm@ live.com (b) 949.304.0800
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