Are the answers you are getting what you want or what you need?

In Business Leadership by Laura

How do you even know? Do you even know what you need or want? I started seriously thinking about those questions a number of years ago when several areas of my life did not seem to be satisfying me. What I learned was the areas of my life and business that were not satisfying to me were ones I had chosen to not ask very deep questions around.

That was when I realized that too often I stopped asking questions when I got the answer I wanted versus the answer I needed to move me forward. I stopped asking questions because it was easier to stay on the course I had set and the position I was in rather than consider an answer that would require me to move out of my comfort zone and move forward.

Sometimes moving forward requires moving backwards, sideways or in a direction we never imagined. Invariably, asking the extra questions or the questions we chose not to ask get asked down the road when uncomfortable dissatisfaction with the status quo kicked in. Wouldn’t it be nice to not waste that time and experience the challenges you had to face by staying put?

Try questioning your questions by looking at the answers you are getting. If the answers you are getting don’t move you forward towards where you need to be, ask different questions. If you are not sure what to ask, ask those around you, “Is there anything I am not asking about “XYZ” that I need to be asking?”

If you have surrounded yourself with people smarter than yourself, you should get some great questions and some even better answers! What do you think?